The Sandhills

This photo was taken when I took a spontaneous road trip to photograph storm clouds.  I kept driving, and ended up 250 miles from home, in the sandhills of north central Nebraska.

Some would say that Nebraska is not known for its scenic beauty, and they are probably right.  Even these sandhills are a dull olive brown on a dry day.  But the combination of a fresh watering from the rain and the overcast sky combined to create this scenic photo. I photographed this with a telephoto lens to compress the perspective of the hills.  You could visit this area a number of times and not be able to see the beauty which the elements combined to create on this day.

This photo won “Best of Show” at the Nebraska State Fair, and has been used in brochures and magazines promoting tourism in the sandhills area.


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  1. Chris Norden says:

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful image, Jay. One of the most evocative photos I’ve seen of the Sandhills … my all-time favorite road trip destination. Magically peaceful kayaking destination, too:

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