Omaha Ruins

Last week I drove up to Omaha to view the remains of the M’s Pub building and condos. The building experienced an explosion on Jan.10th that set fire to most of the building. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed. I felt like a vulture as I joined the dozens of other people there to view the building. I was able to obtain these photos. It was a little difficult shooting into the sun, but the photos portray the damage and the interesting formations made by the water used to douse the fire._DSC2637_8_9_tonemapped copy _DSC2660-2677 copy _DSC2681_2_3Enhancer copy _DSC2690_1_2_tonemapped copy _DSC2702 03 copy _DSC2730_1_2_tonemapped copy _DSC2751 54 pan copy

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