I love to take photos of waterfalls.  When my children were younger, I tested their patience by stopping at every waterfall.  I was going through some of my photos from 2013, and re-discovered a calender I had made of waterfalls.  I had decided to make the calender in vertical, so all of these are in that format.  I enjoy revisiting these places, at least in my mind, by viewing these photos again.

Nebraska State Fair

A custom of mine over the last seven years has been to enter photos in the Nebraska State Fair.  I’ve had some good fortune over the years, winning “Best of Show” three times.  This year was a good one for me–I entered 16 photos, won nine blue ribbons, three red ribbons, and two Honorable Mentions.  One of my photos (of the waterfall) won “Best of Class” for the Black and White Division.  I wanted to display my photos that won ribbons.  Some of the photos can be seen at other places on this site, but I wanted to display these prize winners as a whole.

Wilderness Park

Wilderness Park here in Lincoln is one of my favorite haunts.  There are miles of trails, and I can go for a walk every day for a week without taking the same trail.  I love to walk there, because the trails are all unique and LEVEL!  The non-profit organization, Friends of Wilderness Park is organizing a fund raiser for trail maintenance.  It is a calender, with a different photo of the park for each month.  Local photographers were invited to submit up to 3 photos.  These photos were voted on at a local restaurant (Pepe’s Vegetarian Wraps) throughout September.  Since I spend so much time at the park, it was difficult to narrow down my photos to just 3.  The park has no panoramic landscapes, so photos of the park are not typical “park photos.”  But there is a lot of beauty to be found.  Two of the photos I submitted were selected for the calender, and are shown here..