People on the Street

Each Year Black and White Magazine has a portfolio contest.  You enter 8-12 photos as your portfolio.  In 2009 my portfolio was selected for an Excellence Award, and was published in the magazine.  So, each year I enter another portfolio, but none have received awards since 2009.  Even though my portfolio for this year was not selected, I was especially happy with it, so I wanted to share it here.  Four of the photos are already posted on the site under “People–Portraits”–I am posting the remaining eight photos here.  I love taking spontaneous photos of people–I hope you enjoy these.

Spring Flowers

Spring has finally arrived, and I have been spending time in two of my favorite haunts, the Sunken Gardens and nearby Rose Garden.  A plant I had never heard of till a few years ago is the tree peony.  They differ from bush peonies in that they are taller plants, bloom earlier in the spring, and have a different shaped bloom.  I especially like the white variety–their petals are almost translucent.  Any way, here are a few of them I have photographed over the last few days.