Antelope Canyon

I recently returned from a trip to northern Arizona and southern Utah.  The highlight of my trip was visiting Upper and Lower Antelope canyons.  The only way to visit the upper canyon is as a part of a tour group.  I chose a photographic tour group, and the tour guide was wonderful at expediting our experience.  The conditions were not the best–there were several other tour groups there at the same time, and it wasn’t uncommon for someone to inadvertently walk through the area you were photographing.  The tour guides did a great job of co-ordinating with the other groups so that we could get the shots we wanted.  Needless to say, the canyon was very dark, and the auto-focus on my camera sometimes had to struggle to find what I wanted it to focus on.  BUT, I did end up with some great shots.  The lower canyon experience was much better.  I showed up with my camera and tripod, paid the entrance fee, and was given a “photography pass”  which was good for 2 hours.  I was then on my own, and could take my time.  There were only a few other visitors, and I almost had the place to myself.

Photographing Antelope Canyon has long been on my “bucket list”, and I’m really glad I had the opportunity.  Hope you enjoy the resulting photos as much as I do.