Zoo/Wildlife Safari Trip

I recently took advantage of the record high temperature (70 degrees on November 21), by making a trip to the Wildlife Safari on Interstate 80, and Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  I was able to spend some time at both places and enjoy the animals.  Frequently when I go to the zoo, it is hot, and the animals are lethargic, and sleeping in the shade.  The weather was perfect for them, and they were pretty active.  I’m sharing some of my favorite photos which I took.

Fall Colors

I love walking in our local “Wilderness Park”, especially in the fall when all the mosquitoes are dead :)  November in Nebraska can have that monochrome tan color, so it is fun to see some remaining bright colors.  As I was walking in the park the other day, I came across these wild gooseberry bushes.  The leaves were backlit by the sun, and the fluorescent red colors could be seen 100 yards away.  Just as I was bemoaning the loss of the warm weather, these leaves did a little to warm my spirit.

Black and White Flowers and Plants


Color Buildings and Structures

Color Portraits

Color Flowers and Plants

Color Landscapes

Black and White Buildings

Black and White Portraits