People on the Street

Each Year Black and White Magazine has a portfolio contest.  You enter 8-12 photos as your portfolio.  In 2009 my portfolio was selected for an Excellence Award, and was published in the magazine.  So, each year I enter another portfolio, but none have received awards since 2009.  Even though my portfolio for this year was not selected, I was especially happy with it, so I wanted to share it here.  Four of the photos are already posted on the site under “People–Portraits”–I am posting the remaining eight photos here.  I love taking spontaneous photos of people–I hope you enjoy these.

Worldwide Photography Gala Awards

I recently had two photos selected to be in the WPGA’s Book “WPGA Street Photography 2012.”  Both of these photos were taken when I had the privilege of visiting Paris in 2007.  Paris and its buildings, gardens, etc. are beautiful, but what I enjoyed most was the PEOPLE!  My favorite photos of that trip were of the people on the street, in the subway, in the parks, and in the markets.  If I ever have the opportunity of returning, that is what I will focus upon.  All of the selections for the WPGA book can been seen on their website.  The book can be purchased through


Color Portraits

Black and White Portraits