Spring Flowers

Spring has finally arrived, and I have been spending time in two of my favorite haunts, the Sunken Gardens and nearby Rose Garden.  A plant I had never heard of till a few years ago is the tree peony.  They differ from bush peonies in that they are taller plants, bloom earlier in the spring, and have a different shaped bloom.  I especially like the white variety–their petals are almost translucent.  Any way, here are a few of them I have photographed over the last few days.

Black and White Flowers and Plants

Color Flowers and Plants

Blossoming Beauty

Photographing flowers is a passion of mine.  Since man came into being, he has been fascinated by the beauty of flowers.  The colors and smells appeal to our senses like few other things on earth.  From the tiniest bud to fields of riotous beauty, we find joy, and a sense of peace from experiencing them.  I published a book through Blurb, in which I focused on the single blossom, looking for the beauty found therein.  I am posting a few of the images here.  If you would like to view more of the book, it can be seen on Blurb.com.  My hope is that your enjoyment from looking at them will be at least a fraction of the enjoyment I had in capturing and presenting them.