Ice Formations

After several days of temps below freezing, I made a trek to Wilderness Park here in Lincoln.  I love the ice formations created when the water repeatedly runs over the rocks.  I used the timer on my camera to prevent camera shake, and got a little more bold in my sharpening, and was pleased with the results.  I am still learning!_DSC1267 copy _DSC1259 copy _DSC1255 copy

Autumn Leaves on My Street

My neighborhood is not very exciting, but every fall, the leaves burst into color; and for a short time we have a street of beauty.  I wanted to take photos of individual leaves, so the most difficult part was waiting for a relatively wind-free day.  The day I took these was beautiful.  It helps when I ask myself “Why am I living in Nebraska?”_DSC0001 10 31 (4) copy _DSC0001 10 31 (16) copy _DSC0006 11 06 (4) copy _DSC0006 11 06 (10) copy _DSC0006 11 06 (19) copy _DSC0006 11 06 (25) copy _DSC0010 10 29 (13) copy _DSC0010 10 29 (19) copy _DSC0106 copy _DSC0110 copy _DSC0154 copy _DSC0166 copy

Late Fall Roses

_DSC0007 pan copy _DSC0013 copy _DSC0035 copy _DSC0084 copy _DSC0096 copyWe’ve had a few nights of freezing temperatures, but the flowers at Lincoln Rose Garden remain beautiful.  The areas of the roses affected by the frost have a little more character!_DSC0006 copy _DSC0013 copy _DSC0017 copy _DSC0026 copy _DSC0034 _DSC0089 copy _DSC0066 copy

Nebraska State Fair

A custom of mine over the last seven years has been to enter photos in the Nebraska State Fair.  I’ve had some good fortune over the years, winning “Best of Show” three times.  This year was a good one for me–I entered 16 photos, won nine blue ribbons, three red ribbons, and two Honorable Mentions.  One of my photos (of the waterfall) won “Best of Class” for the Black and White Division.  I wanted to display my photos that won ribbons.  Some of the photos can be seen at other places on this site, but I wanted to display these prize winners as a whole.

Wilderness Park

Wilderness Park here in Lincoln is one of my favorite haunts.  There are miles of trails, and I can go for a walk every day for a week without taking the same trail.  I love to walk there, because the trails are all unique and LEVEL!  The non-profit organization, Friends of Wilderness Park is organizing a fund raiser for trail maintenance.  It is a calender, with a different photo of the park for each month.  Local photographers were invited to submit up to 3 photos.  These photos were voted on at a local restaurant (Pepe’s Vegetarian Wraps) throughout September.  Since I spend so much time at the park, it was difficult to narrow down my photos to just 3.  The park has no panoramic landscapes, so photos of the park are not typical “park photos.”  But there is a lot of beauty to be found.  Two of the photos I submitted were selected for the calender, and are shown here..

A Singular Creation Art Community–Light and Dark

Earlier this year I submitted a portfolio to the “A Singular Art Creation Community” competition–Light and Dark.  I was fortunate to have my portfolio selected as Third Prize.  Some of the photos have be published elsewhere on my webpage, but I wanted to include all of them as “one body” here.  I love black and white photography.  When you take away the color, you are enabled to focus upon the details and the character in the faces.

The photos can be viewed on line at  Click on “ASC Juried Competitions”, then on “Light and Dark–Black and White”–View Results and Exhibition.

People on the Street

Each Year Black and White Magazine has a portfolio contest.  You enter 8-12 photos as your portfolio.  In 2009 my portfolio was selected for an Excellence Award, and was published in the magazine.  So, each year I enter another portfolio, but none have received awards since 2009.  Even though my portfolio for this year was not selected, I was especially happy with it, so I wanted to share it here.  Four of the photos are already posted on the site under “People–Portraits”–I am posting the remaining eight photos here.  I love taking spontaneous photos of people–I hope you enjoy these.

Spring Flowers

Spring has finally arrived, and I have been spending time in two of my favorite haunts, the Sunken Gardens and nearby Rose Garden.  A plant I had never heard of till a few years ago is the tree peony.  They differ from bush peonies in that they are taller plants, bloom earlier in the spring, and have a different shaped bloom.  I especially like the white variety–their petals are almost translucent.  Any way, here are a few of them I have photographed over the last few days.

Antelope Canyon

I recently returned from a trip to northern Arizona and southern Utah.  The highlight of my trip was visiting Upper and Lower Antelope canyons.  The only way to visit the upper canyon is as a part of a tour group.  I chose a photographic tour group, and the tour guide was wonderful at expediting our experience.  The conditions were not the best–there were several other tour groups there at the same time, and it wasn’t uncommon for someone to inadvertently walk through the area you were photographing.  The tour guides did a great job of co-ordinating with the other groups so that we could get the shots we wanted.  Needless to say, the canyon was very dark, and the auto-focus on my camera sometimes had to struggle to find what I wanted it to focus on.  BUT, I did end up with some great shots.  The lower canyon experience was much better.  I showed up with my camera and tripod, paid the entrance fee, and was given a “photography pass”  which was good for 2 hours.  I was then on my own, and could take my time.  There were only a few other visitors, and I almost had the place to myself.

Photographing Antelope Canyon has long been on my “bucket list”, and I’m really glad I had the opportunity.  Hope you enjoy the resulting photos as much as I do.

Ice Beauty

This time of year can be really strange in Nebraska:  60 degrees one day, 6 inches of snow the next.  It can also be difficult to find anything to photograph.  I have found some beauty in a very unlikely place.  Salt Creek is a brown meandering body of water just west of Lincoln.  Its only redeeming factors are that it prevents flooding, and it is surrounded by Wilderness Park.  At this time of year, as the snow is melting, some beautiful ice formations are formed in the rare areas of “white water”.  As dawn or dusk, these can be especially attractive with the light those times of day bring.  I’m posting 3 here.  I felt one of them looked best in black and white