Omaha Ruins

Last week I drove up to Omaha to view the remains of the M’s Pub building and condos. The building experienced an explosion on Jan.10th that set fire to most of the building. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed. I felt like a vulture as I joined the dozens of other people there to view the building. I was able to obtain these photos. It was a little difficult shooting into the sun, but the photos portray the damage and the interesting formations made by the water used to douse the fire._DSC2637_8_9_tonemapped copy _DSC2660-2677 copy _DSC2681_2_3Enhancer copy _DSC2690_1_2_tonemapped copy _DSC2702 03 copy _DSC2730_1_2_tonemapped copy _DSC2751 54 pan copy


DSC00733_4_5_tonemapped copy DSC00752 bw copy DSC00803 b copy DSC00823 copy DSC00964 copy DSC01044 11 22 15 b copy DSC01069 copy DSC01132 copy DSC01277 copy DSC01344_5_6_tonemapped copy DSC01511 copy DSC01592_3_4_tonemapped copy

Alaska Trip

I had a wonderful 10 days visiting My daughter, Anna, Son-in-law, Morgan, and my two grandsons, Avery and Julian in Anchorage Alaska. I was able to take a few road trips to enjoy the gorgeous scenery in the Kenai peninsula. I shared some photos of the family previously, but included them in this batch of photos. Alaska is a great place to visit!

— with Anna Spilker._DSC3661 copy _DSC3730 copy _DSC3806 copy _DSC3884_6_tonemapped balanced copy _DSC3926_7_8 copy _DSC3953_4_5 copy _DSC4082 copy _DSC4149 copy _DSC4159 copy _DSC4166 color copy _DSC4195 copy _DSC4196 copy _DSC4198 copy _DSC4206 copy _DSC4218 copy _DSC4219 + 4220 copy _DSC4231_2 copy _DSC4270 71 72 copy _DSC4286 copy _DSC4295 copy _DSC4302 copy _DSC4311 copy _DSC4331 copy _DSC4347_2_8_2_tonemapped copy _DSC4365 copy _DSC4367 copy _DSC4408 copy

Black and White Magazine

I entered some photos in an annual contest held by Black and White Magazine, a national magazine. One of my photos was selected as a “SPOTLIGHT WINNER,” which is the single image winner for one of the categories. They are displaying them four at a time, with a page dedicated to each photo and photographer, and the photographer’s statement. I’ve posted this photo on my facebook page, and on my web site, but it was exciting to see my photo and photo of me in black and white in a magazine! The photo is in the June issue, which is out already. Enjoy!The Music Goes On

Black and White

I apologize for not posting for so long. I received some money from my parents’ estate, and decided to purchase a “home of my own” after living in a cruddy apartment for 11 years–I home I could possibly live in for the rest of my life. So, I spent a lot of time with a realtor, packing belongings, and moving into my “new” (to me) condominium. So that has taken most of my free time over the last few months. I didn’t fail to enter some photos in the Nebraska State Fair. The judges liked my black and white photos. Of the 8 black and white photos I entered, I received 7 blue ribbons. I would like to display them here:Chicago Alley Frosty Trees Looking into the Light Sunlit Wildflowers Tree Knot Tunnel Arches Zion National Park

Hosta Glow

I love hostas–they have such beautiful, textured leaves. The flowers are “so-so”, but you can enjoy the foliage from spring till fall. I took these photos at the Sunken Gardens here in Lincoln when the sun was in the right position to create a glow in the leaves. Hosta Glow 1 _DSC1916 _DSC1932 copy _DSC1994 copy Hosta Glow II

Short-Lived Beauty

This is the time of year when there are some beautiful flowers that only last a few days. We have a lot of crab apple trees in our neighborhood, and they were gorgeous. We had an almost windless day this past weekend, and I took advantage of it to photograph some of the flowers. (A day later after a windy day, they were gone.) _DSC1804 copy 2 _DSC1808 copy _DSC1846 copy _DSC1832 copy _DSC1803 copy 2 _DSC1777 copy _DSC1727 copy _DSC1655 copy

Magnolia Blossoms

We have several magnolia trees in our neighborhood, which are always beautiful this time of year. Unfortunately the blossoms usually only last a few days due to wind, rain, and cold weather. I was able to photograph a few of them, which I would like to share here._DSC0001 20120320 (13) copy _DSC0003 2012319 (2) copy _DSC0003 2012319 (29) copy _DSC0027 20120323 (6) copy _DSC0066 copy _DSC1575 copy _DSC1591 copy _DSC1602 copy


I was going through my photos of Alaska taken when I visited my daughter, Anna, and her family there.  I’d like to share some of those here.  Alaska is truly the “last frontier”, a beautiful place to visit._DSC0039 copy _DSC0105 copy _DSC0140-1 copy _DSC0194 copy _DSC0283 copy _DSC0406 copy _DSC0640 copy _DSC0651 copy _DSC0654 copy _DSC0679 - 1 copy _DSC0707 copy DSC_0161 copy DSC_0538 DSC_0637 & 0640 copy

Ice Formations

After several days of temps below freezing, I made a trek to Wilderness Park here in Lincoln.  I love the ice formations created when the water repeatedly runs over the rocks.  I used the timer on my camera to prevent camera shake, and got a little more bold in my sharpening, and was pleased with the results.  I am still learning!_DSC1267 copy _DSC1259 copy _DSC1255 copy